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Systems Advisory Service Platinum
Membership Detail

Systems Advisory Service Platinum is a professional horse-racing tipster service, which supplies subscribers with win tips by email, text message (if requested) and members only webpage.

Members are sent the day's tips between 9.00am and 12 noon daily except on days when there is no horse-racing in the UK.

Emails are sent even when there are no selections by way of confirmation. Text messages are NOT sent when there are no selections. Text messages are NOT sent during any free trial which may be in operation.

There is also a members area on the website which conveys the day's tips to members.

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ALL selections are fully proofed to Racing Index. I firmly believe in total transparency in direct contrast to at least 90% of tipsters who hide behind totally unsubstantiated, misleading and in many cases fabricated claims.

All horse-racing tips are proofed under the Bet Horses To Win tipster name. You are able to check out full, accurate and verifiable results this very minute direct over the internet.

Please be totally aware very few horse-racing tipster services will make you a long-term profit, and would be totally exposed if they ever dared proof their claims to Racing Index.

All tipsters who have opted to proof to Racing Index should at least be congratulated on their absolute honesty and integrity. It is a rarity in the industry.

You will note however, upon closer inspection, that few of the tipsters who proof to Racing Index show a profit over the long-term. This is proof alone how difficult a thing it is to achieve.

It takes absolute hard work and dedication. But at least such services are genuine. Any tipster not proofing to Racing Index may have something to hide. Can you really afford to find this out the hard way?

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Since inception the Systems Advisory Service has been constantly evolving. It has been a long, hard learning process. But all of the hard work is certainly paying off for our subscribers.

We are now in a position to offer you a very much improved service, borne out by the proofed results.

Please be in no doubt this service can make you a very good income through a carefully controlled and disciplined selection process. You can see this for yourself with your own eyes.

Surely the truth is this.....

.....98%+ of punters will lose money backing their own selections. Almost as big a percentage of tipsters will lose you money also should you follow their selections.

So what can be done? What do the really clever people do?.... 

.....Well, if you're going to be betting on horse-racing anyway surely it makes absolute sense to be investing your money on horses which offer you every likelihood of making a long-term profit? 

You can do this only by aligning yourself alongside a horse-racing tipster service which is 100% upfront and honest, and where this open-ness can be directly seen.

This way you know EXACTLY where you stand. Where you won't be led up the garden path by some totally unsubstantiated and downright false claim.

You have such an opportunity in your hands right now.

Take all of the hard work and/or guesswork out of the selection process. Get yourself a betfair or similar betting exchange or bookmaker account and follow our systematically derived selections with confidence.....

.....I can promise you now that you'll not regret it! Over time you'll come to see it's one of the best moves you EVER made.

Over time you are highly likely to make a very good profit with minimal risk, by belonging to a tipping service which you can be certain is absolutely 100% genuine, real and low-key.

Such a statement is like gold-dust! In this industry it's hard to wish for anything more.

Come and join us and find out for yourself.....

.....There is a two week free trial in place. I insist upon this for your total peace of mind. It's what I'd want for myself.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to believe the claims of the unscrupulous and choose to go elsewhere I wish you well, but fear the worst. Please, for your own sake, don't let this happen.

Invest in yourself. Don't just stand on the sidelines while others continue to clean up as our results continue to pile on the agony for the bookies and betting exchange amateurs.

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