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Systems Advisory Service
Professional Option

As well as the Platinum Service there is also another membership option available.....

Systems Advisory Service Professional
is my premier
horse-racing advisory service.....

.....It is very much a private and professional service dedicated to those who take their horse-racing seriously and are able to treat horse-racing as a long-term investment rather than a short-term gamble.

SAS Professional
is located at

Members of SAS Professional can expect to receive around 400 to 500 selections per year. There will not be selections every day and a measure of patience and discipline is required by subscribers.

As such the service is more suitable to those who prefer the fewer bets/higher stakes strategy.

Our targets are both realistic and achievable.....

.....The target at the start of each year is to reach 50pts profit at starting price......or 75pts profit at betfair starting price.....

.....Please note 75pts profit equates to an eventual profit for members for the year of £15'000 at recommended level stakes.

A graduated staking plan is advised to begin with.

What could YOU do with these kind of returns?.....For virtually NO risk or effort!!

For full information about SAS Professional please visit

A FREE 2 weeks trial is currently available

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